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Born in 1996, in a small town in the South-West of France, JanE.B's passion for music was obvious from a very early age. Her love for singing began even before she started taking singing lessons at 6 years old in her hometown's music school, and at the same time she began to learn to play the piano. Growing up, as her interest for music composition and lyric writing heightened, she decided to learn the guitar in order to widen her possibilities. At first inspired by Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne, her influences now cover a wide range of music styles. JanE.B's inspiration for her lyrics and composition comes both from personal experiences and from stories of others. Her music combines nostalgia with celebration of the past and present, somewhere between reality and dreams.

In 2011, JanE.B began to record videos of herself interpreting songs from her favorite artists, and some original songs as well, to post them online, and during the summer she played her first solo show. During the year of 2014, she worked in collaboration with a progressive rock band called EOTW, and wrote the lyrics and the melodies for the “Good Rain” album. Later that same year she performed at the first edition of the Cithem Festival in Alençon, France, and then joined the alternative metal band Against Weaknesses, based in Rennes. Together they recorded an EP with lyrics and melodies written by JanE.B, and then performed a few shows, while JanE.B was working on her own music and Youtube covers. In 2018, the band was disbanded and JanE.B moved to Bristol, where she began to work with Jelli Records. The video for her song 'Waves' is now on Youtube and the song is available to purchase and stream on various platforms. JanE.B's first EP, " Images ", was released on February 10th 2020. She has now moved back to France and is based in Toulouse.